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Title: Mind Body Connections and NLP

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Double Your Income NLP & Hypnosis

Did you know that there is a connection between the mind and the body which if we understand we can relieve ourselves of so many problems that we perceive? NLP offers an explanation about this connection and the vast possibilities it has to offer.

As you know we all have neuro transmitters in our body which convey messages to the various parts of our body which we use either on a conscious or unconscious level. Our conscious level make all the decisions to perform certain tasks and the unconscious level controls our automatic functions like heart rate, blood flow breathing etc. These functions are performed continuously without us even being aware of.

However our perception of ourselves creates certain barriers, which we consider to be our limitations.  For instance a person believed that he would never be cured of his back pain. If you use your unconscious to change your physical processes like speeding your metabolism, increasing your heart rate to produce more adrenaline and help you to focus better it can help us to enhance your capabilities.

The practitioners use to this Technique in sports therapy. A weight lifter who was to perform at the world championship broke a few discs in his back before he was about to lift a large amount of weight.

The coach told him he was told to stand up, close his eyes, breathe deeply and focus his mind on the complete lift he was to perform. He was able to feel the strength and blood flowing into all the tissues of his body. The final event that he performed was so amazing that he won the championship. By tapping your unconscious controls you can vastly enhance your competitive capabilities and you can soar past anything you are expected to do.

Pain management is also another aspect, which is practiced by Hypnotists and NLP Practitioners. A person with back injury who could not sleep for weeks was cured when he pictured his vertebrae, the damage done to the tissues and the inflammation. He then pictured how he wanted his back to be – the perfect vertebrae with hard discs without any inflammation. Soon he felt the pain fading and he could fall asleep.

You can even download an mp3 file to your Ipod and get started today.

Another method implemented by the Hypnotist is “sub modality shifts” which is a technique, which is very effective. A fast Phobia model to reduce trauma from the affected parts can help heal the body faster. These techniques by optimizing the performance of their body can produce better results. The actual event and the thought process associated with it is carefully monitored, changed or optimized to produce superior results.

The sequence in the event is broken down for example a runner who fears the buildup of lactic acid just 10 minutes before he reaches the finish point can use Hypnosis to prevent the build up of the acid. The body builder can use Hypnosis for weight reduction before the competition. His metabolism can be speeded up and he can burn all the extra fat.

Hypnotherapy and NLP can be used optimize our performance level in sports and other competitive activities. They also offer an effective option to treating sports related injuries.

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