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Title: Hypnosis Can Help You find the love of your life and succeed in a long term fulfilling relationship.

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Love will build your heart with its dreamy songs and create a magical world for you to live in. How will you ensure that they whom you love so much will love you? How will you be certain of winning the love you desire?

Undertake this visual. Enjoy this constant pleasure that it will bring you. And feel for yourself how wonderful your love life has become.

You are in love with someone. You want that someone to love you too. What do you do? Simple! Visualize! Remember, love has everything to do with your heart and mind. If you can keep your heart healthy and in good relation with you, then you can have all the love you want.

http://www.bartbaggett.com/sexualchemistry/  (NLP Home Study Course for Seduction)

Picture your heart. You may visualize it like am actual biological heart, or it may even be a symbolic valentine heart.

http://myhandwriting.com/booksetc/secretsb.html  (Handwriting Analysis for Love Sex and Relationships.)

"I purchased your 'Secrets' book a few months ago and it has really changed my life. I went from being a re-actor to one who acts. Instead of waiting for someone to rub me the wrong way or to find out that woman is really tough on guys, I analyze her handwriting and find out the answers for myself.
"I'm so good now that I can analyze signatures! Granted this method doesn't yield 100% accuracy but it sure gives a good impression/perception of someone I wish to know better.
"Recently, I analyzed the handwriting of a previous intern where I work. He didn't believe I could tell anything. Sure enough he had a high self-esteem, healthy-ego and a perverted sex drive. He insisted that I said those things because I 'knew' him. Ironically, he proceeded to rip up the sample and throw it away! I knew right then and there that he really believed me - at least his subconscious mind did. So, when he was gone I retrieved the sample and taped it back together for further study.
"Lastly, there is a prospective intern that wrote me a fax. I analyzed her signature and I found the jealousy trait, a stinger and a huge lying loop! I shouldn't go near her... but if I do, I'm prepared.
"Thanks again Bart. Your effective tool for figuring people out is a blessing in disguise." ...Derek Gillespie


Go ahead and ask your heart about how it is feeling today. Is it feeling sad? Lonely? Disappointed? Understand the way it is feeling. Hear what it has to say to you. Then tell your heart that you are trying to make it feel better.
What is the condition of your heart? Is it sad? Or is it youthful. Does it look healthy? Or is it torn or wounded? Is it wounded? Now repair your heart. You have all the tools required. If it is torn at places, stitch them. If it is wounded, then treat its wound.

When your heart looks healthy, fill it to the brim with light. Imagine the shining light flow into your heart and reach it’s every nook and corner. Your heart is not only healthy now it even feels alive. Listen to your heartbeats?

Make it feel good. Thank your heart for keeping you alive. Applaud its tireless performance. The more you thank your heart, the healthier it gets.

Now that your heart is healthy and happy, you are now ready to win love. Picture the person you love or whom you desire the most. See the person clearly? How does she/he look? What color is the hair? What kind of clothes he/she is wearing? How tall is the person? Is there any gesture that is distinctively his/hers?

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Let the person appear in front of you. How far is the person? Bring him/her closer to at the most five feet away from you. Now, picture your healthy heart connected to his/her heart. You may use any material you like for connection. A rope, chain, satin ribbon – it can be just anything. It can be even imaginary. The goal is to connect love to love, so a sense of energy flows between you both.

You can even download an mp3 file to your Ipod and get started today.

Once you have connected love, visualize yourself doing something loving to the person you love. Do anything that people who love each other does. Walk hand in hand, go for a dance, sit across for some ice cream, love each other, hug each other – you may even kiss each other.

The more you visualize the person you love in the way described above, the stronger the love flows between you both. Until one day, you really embrace and kiss the person to say how much you love her/him.

And if ever you feel that love is beginning to fade, go through the visualization again.
You can have love in your life.

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http://www.createchemistry.com/  (free report)

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