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Title: NLP – Six Simple Steps to Train Your Mind for Confidence and More Success (Financially and Emotionally.)

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Your internal voice is the voice of the mind talking to us. Everyone has a voice inside of them that affects our success and failure. This is the most significant voice of all. The voice maybe encouraging us to try something that we haven’t done before or holding us back from us from situations where we feel we are likely to make a fool of ourselves. In this way, this conversation that we keep having with ourselves decides our level of confidence and accent.

The best way to use this internal dialogue to our advantage is to replace all the negative talk that the mind gives us with positive one.  Every time you find yourself saying something negative, stop and think something nicer and more pleasant. Slowly, you will be feeling much more confident and cheerful and your accent will improve. As we go on practicing this, our belief in our capability will strengthen leading to higher success.

You can even download an mp3 file to your Ipod and get started today.

These are the 6 simple yet powerful steps you can implement today that will transform your negative thoughts into positive beliefs for better living.

1) First of all, you need to observe where the internal voice is coming from and decide its location.

2) Now try to go back to a situation in life where you were confident of yourself. Try to imagine yourself in that situation again. Remember what you felt, saw, heard and spoke as if it were happening right now. Try to recall your tone of voice. Monitor the changes between your usual voice and voice you had used in that situation and see whether the new voice is louder or softer, whether it is clearer and easier to understand, or whether the rate of speech is faster. When you accomplish this, put this new more confident voice in the location of the old internal voice.

3) Go back to all the negative statements that you tend to tell yourself. They maybe statements like:

‘I can’t do it. I’m not ready.’
‘I am not good enough.’
‘I can’t give speeches.’
‘ I’ll mess it up.’
‘People don’t like me.’
 ‘I think I will never find anyone I can love or will love me..’

4) For all of these suggestions that you give yourself continuously, invent more positive reverse statements:
‘Confidence comes naturally to me.’
‘I can give good speeches.’
‘I’m ready and will do a great job.’
‘I’m perfect just the way I am’
‘I am capable enough to take over that project.’
‘I can see a great life ahead with a loving partner.’

5) Keep on giving these positive suggestions to yourself in the new more confident inner voice that you have put in place of the old hesitant one.

6) And when at any time in the future you find that you are talking negatively to yourself, take a deep breath and stop. Repeat all the positive suggestions in your mind three times. Keep doing this until it becomes an established habit.

Eventually, you will start believing in this new positive internal voice and the negative suggestions will no longer affect you harmfully. When we keep on telling ourselves that we are not skilled enough for something, we actually lose our esteem in our own eyes. The more we believe something is within our reach, the closer it becomes for us. 

Practice these steps today and implement them for a happy and successful life.

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