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Title : Confidence Script



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During this experience it is best to be sitting or lying down in a place where you can comfortably ignore the outside world it is usually helps to close your eyes, this relaxing mind programming process is not the same as sleep you will still have awareness, you will be able to hear everything I say and you will not become unconscious but there will be changes, it is like day dreaming, all you need to do is relax and let the sounds wash over you, you may be find it you don't remember it all consciously afterwards as you simply find yourself comfortable if you have followed my instructions, make yourself comfortable now and close your eyes just as soon as you wish and pay attention to your breathing because if you need to awaken you will awaken fully alert but for now you can just let go you are listening to this for a reason and that is you hear my words, you will become aware of certain sensations while you allow yourself to relax deeply as your self-confidence improves for the better you will feel more in control of your life at the end of this process you will awaken refresh to invigorated with the sense of inner calm and refreshment so now notice your breathing to the gentle raise and fall that happens all by itself as you focus your attention on your breathing now my voice will go with you as, you relax here, you don't have to make any affiliate at home simply let go you can also notice the pulse, the beating of your own heart and allow yourself to become more absorbed in the life, the energy of your impoly, in your mind now start counting backwards from 300. 300, 299, 298, 297, 296, 295, that is right. It does not matter if you get lost or leave a bit out to forget just start again in about the same place and notice that you don't notice when you loose your place and drift off only when you return momentarily before becoming more observed so as long as that part of your mind is active it is fine that it counts and when it does not counts that is fine too you don't need to listen to this consciously, your unconscious will hear when you need to hear, I would like you to notice where you feel the most comfort in your body, move steadies, drop your shoulders a little more with each out breathe until they feel quite free, quite relax as your shoulders drop let that easing and comfort run down your arms and down your body, let it even go into your legs so your signs relax and let that comfortable feeling run all the way to your feet, you can notice words, notice, noticing words, notice noticing your body can relax and your mind can relax and your mind has become very sensitive to my suggestions that help you most of your breathing carries on all by itself, your mind carries on thinking all by itself, and you can just watch it one that way your experience, your understanding, your ways can just attach and slow down my voice can be soothing, can comfort you, can ease your mind some people really like to,

Relax the muscles around your eyes again and relax your jaw ease off the muscles And your neck, relax your shoulders drop at the each out of breathe and then drop a little more to any tensions released.

Relax on holidays, you know more sunny place and beautiful clear blue skies, gentle sunshine couldn't take off the oceans, relaxing sounds of the air, flow of the waves and distance, refreshing breeze, so calming down.

Your own unconfident patterns of thinking and behavior at a function they did things for your but there are other ways to get all the positive things that the old pattern used to get for you without you having them to do them in future and I would like the creative part of your mind to generate new ways to achieve all those positive things without having to do the old patterns and you may or may not know what they are but you know they are possible and I would like your unconscious mind to integrate those new choices and patterns into your thinking and behavior only at a radian speed that will be acceptable to you from now onwards imagine how much better life will be as you are more confident as you now start thinking beyond your limitations of your thinking, new possibilities open up everywhere, what would you do if you knew you couldn't fail we are instructing your unconscious mind to overwrite the old operating software of your thinking and behavior to make you a more selfish you would, more authentic, more confident as in think of someone who you can suited to be very confident, what is there posture like, how do they sit, stand, breathe, smile, how do they talk, what is the tone of there voice and the kind of language they use imagine stepping into them now, see through there eyes, hear through there ears, and feel how confident they do, borrow from there confidence so that naturally in future you find yourself feeling this good and acting just positively, your internal and external voice will become more and more confident only as fast as language does as well which will be a reflection of the positive new thoughts, you will be having every hour of every day.

There is always a risk in our lives as you learn now to accept that, you learn to face it with more ease and more insurance. You know as it is then and that you can be confident at some times when you to remind yourself of the simple truth of your life, you can't avoid risk when you began to learn and the process more can create and as you have evaluated how to do one's best for you, it becomes easier. It is just like muscle when you use it to strongly guess and the more you focus on everything positive by you, everything is clear and easier than before.

A long ago as a baby you struggle to stand on, to walk-in to hold things, move your body where you wanted then as you grew up you began to walk and hold things so easily that now you take it for granted, you struggled with symbols you didn't understand when you first learn to read or write and now you can do it without thinking, you have been struggling to achieve self-confidence from long enough now it can happen just as you learn to walk, to move, to hold things, it can happen just as you learn to read and write, now and you can take self-confidence for granted, everything is clear and easier than before, because you can trust yourself and feel in control and as people show you love and respect and you enjoy showing it others you find new exciting easier ways to work, to have fun, and really enjoy, now think of someone who loves or deeply appreciates you, remember how they look and imagine them standing in front of you know gently step out of your body and into the body of the person who loves you see through there eyes, here through there ears, and feel the love and good feelings they have as you look at yourself, really noticing in detail what it is that they love and appreciate by you recognize and acknowledge those amazing qualities that perhaps you hadn't appreciated about yourself till now and whenever you think about yourself in future you will think about yourself positively like this and step back into your own body and take a few moments to enjoy those good feelings of knowing that you love and appreciated exactly as you are.

I have been in unconscious mind to go and search now. I had remember times when we felt really happy and learn the new chemical code of those really good feeling so that your unconscious mind will trigger those good feelings more often than everyday so that you naturally have more and more background happiness all the times.

When people learn to ride bike, they don't usually do it first time, they wobble to get, sometimes come out, get back on, and try again, each time the learning a bit more and more pile up the process of learning and achieving eventually they get the anger and/or unable to go whole long way all by themselves.

You will find that you are happier and more fulfilled from this day forth, you automatically find more joy and beauty on each moment imagine a slightly more confident you sitting or standing in front of you now imagine stepping into that more confident you see through there eyes, hear through there ears, and feel the feelings of your more confidence self and notice that right in front of you is an even more confidence self sitting, standing, little bit later, a look of slightly more self-belief behind there eyes emanating little more extra charisma and hence dip into this more confidence self and notice that in-front of you is a very confident you with more passion, more power, more ease, more comfort, and step into this very confident you and feel how good it feels as you think about situations where you need more confidence, imagine being then now and everything going perfectly the way you wanted to, see what you will see, hear what you will hear, and feel how good you feel and imagine handling challenges no matter what happens you are handling it all beautifully in a totally resourceful way, you can overcome problems, your mind will generate creative ways to overcome obstacles, you began to see yourself as a resourceful capable person you enjoy challenges, you realize they make you stronger and wiser and you get value from your achievements if you find that you are talking yourself in negative way know that you only want the best for yourself and you can keep all of your desire to change and improve and let yourself know in a constructive encouraging tone of voice and using constructive encouraging works because you can do it, surprise yourself, trust yourself becoming more confident, imagine yourself you look in the mirror can accept to yourself and send yourself love still want to change and yet accept yourself because you love to prove yourself imagine it now looking at yourself in the mirror and send yourself love, your mind will naturally focus on the positive and you will become more joyful than ever before as you notice how good you feel from now on so much more and it doesn't matter if you feel better everyday or not because you will only feel better as fast as it is right for you imagine how your life would be if you will more at ease with yourself then you will now, how would your posture be, how would your voices now, what kind of thoughts would you have about yourself and what you can achieve, what kind of things would you say to yourself, you will find yourself more and more in that positive feeling, completely confident and congruent, feel the feeling of confidence, strength, and ease behind your eyes.

Your confidence in yourself is increasing, your respect yourself, you love and prove yourself, you will becoming more positive and confident. You will feel optimistic and excitement about life, you are an amazing human being you have your gift to bring to the world, you trust yourself, your confidence yourself is increasing.

As a child you may have heard the story of the ugly duckling forty you want someone good and everyone is better then one day as a grew had changed so as reflection with the surprised that the beautiful swam you see, who is that, how beautiful, how strong, how powerful, and then he realized it is you.

Now you know what you want, your mind will began to use its genius to find ways to make it happen, it might consider all the resources your need and how to organize them and privatize them by being aware of obstacles that might have gotten in the way, it is possible to know solutions before hand, your mind can constantly change and find tune your plans, taking in feedback just as an aero plane continuously adjusts its cause on its way towards destination.

Would you do love to so much that you would pay for doing it, imagine if you want to love him, how motivated would you feel to go and collect openings, where does the feeling of desires started it moved and where does it moved to.

You can live each day, each breathe as a work of art and folding, enjoying the unique beauty of each moment as it unfolds you enjoy just being in this moment. I would like you to imagine right now that you are watching a movie about a future more successful you notice every detail of how that feature you looks the expression on your face, the way you are holding your body, and the delight in your eyes as the movie plays out on the screen in front of you, you will see many moments of success from your past and others which have not yet happen when you are ready I would like you to flown out of your seat into that successful you upon the screen, see through there eyes, hear through there eyes, and feel the feeling of your successful self, make the colors brighter, the sounds louder and the feelings stronger as you run the movie from the inside now, reinforcing your belief and your ability to succeed and past your emotions may have send strong signals to get your attention that they can achieve all the positive things that they are used to without them having to be overwhelming and you will find it easy to learn from the visiting of your emotions as they re-calibrate and you get all the positive emotional signals and ways that leave you feeling calmer, stronger, and more resourceful go ahead and fantasy from that. Imagine it is a year from now and you have had your best year yet and what is it that is made such a fantastic year, what has happened to your health, personal life, career relationships, and other areas of your life that has made this such a fantastic year now imagine your ideal day, go through your ideal day now enjoying how well it has danced, the people you meet, the ways they respond to you, the places you go, the things you do, take the time to do it now and delighted all the ingenuity of your imaginative mind, see what you see which is detail, hear what you hear and feel how good you feel now.

And you don't know unconsciously yet what will be ever be useful examples in this process and the people in fact achieve confidence without knowing exactly how they do and that is fine you can succeed and feel good at yourself if you want to achieve that.

It is important to keep one point in mind because whatever your circumstances, you can whole as return to the immediate contraception of your breathing and find they have the courage and simplicity to be sure of yourself.

You will find your motivation to achieve your goals increases remember the time when you felt really, really motivated in the past, the time when you took positive action and made a difference in your life, fully return to it now, see what you saw, hear what you heard and feel how good you felt or think about how much better your life would be if you would totally motivated to take action now, imagine how good you would feel if you had all the confidence, tenacity, and determination you could ever need and make the colors brighter, sound richer, feelings stronger, and think about that situation in which you want to feel more motivated, imagine things going perfectly exactly the way you want them to see what you all see, and hear what you all hear, how good it feels to take action and make things happen when you think now about the future you know the direction of your time line and imagine now big bright images of self-achieving your goals look at those pictures of your future success spread along your time line and make them even bigger and brighter and more sold now float into each of those pictures on your time line and learn the journey of success sometimes before we go onto journey we look at a map so that we know where we are going so let your mind know now what a wonderful life you want to have and as you regularly look at the positive pictures in your time line you will know that your future is good, it is important to be alert and it is important to relax and as you can ask your unconscious mind to let you know very clearly and you can safely and usefully relax so that you notice sweet, soft feeling in your muscles, and find your inner peace whenever you relax you can let yourself relax all the way down to the level you really need and when you awaken, you can awaken with a bright delightful alertness because the body can do that and before you awaken I would like you to reinforce every positive thought that you ever had about yourself and as you become awake you can feel the wish to be active and you will find yourself enjoying that we know we can all day dream, we can all sleep, and we can all wake up, although we don't consciously know how we wake up yet we do and you can awaken now as I count backwards refreshed and alert, wake up now, calm and confident. 10,9,8, gradually awakening, 7,6,5,4, and may be you want to stretch and yawn as you wake up 3,2,1.


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